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How will Jordan react to her first ever anal tryout experience?

It took a lot of convincing to get Jordan to finally accept to giving anal sex a try. Her boyfriend had to apply some heavy and serious persuasion, do a lot of promising and pleasing, and swearing to be extra gentle with her tight virgin ass. In the end, it was Jordan herself who asked him for anal sex, and when he lest expected it. It was Sunday afternoon and they were lying around the house, watching television, when she suddenly turned to him and gently grabbed his cock, and asked him to fuck her in the ass right there and then. Today would be her big anal tryout, would she like it or not? He got his fingers wet by sliding them in her mouth one by one, asking her to suck, then sticking them in her butthole. First the pinky, nice and slow, watching the expression on her face change from awe and surprise to pure ecstasy. Then he moved on to the bigger, thicker fingers: the long middle finger, the firm index finger, and finally the fat juicy thumb was stuck in her asshole like a plug. But it wasn't until he placed his entire cock in her ass that she screamed out like a slut in heat. She had such a great time that now she is totally hooked on anal sex and asks him to fuck her ass at least once a week. She cannot get enough dick in her butt!

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