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Samantha is a sexy young babe who has a steady boyfriend with who she enjoys a healthy sexual relationship. They've been going out for close to five months now and they are really into each other, though probably not quite in love yet. But they are getting there. The next step is for them to try anal sex. He has been begging to fuck her ass for a while now but she constantly denies him because she's scared of the pain. Also, she's always heard that only sluts let guys do this dirty thing to them. But after much convincing, she finally accepted, and one night they were making out and groping each other when he suddenly slipped a finger into her tiny tight asshole. The way her eyes opened up wide and her jaws dropped, you could just tell she really liked it and was instantly hooked. Once that hard cock went in her butthole she was in heaven and finally understood why so many woman cannot get enough anal sex. She took his cum in her ass and then licked the rest of it off his cock and by next week she was begging him for more ass fucking fun!

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