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Smoking hot Vikki gets fucked in her tight asshole

Vikki is a cute brunette with a nice round ass. Her boyfriend has been begging her for anal sex for months now, but to no avail. He sometimes sneaks a finger close to her butt, trying to get her in the mood, but she always brushes him away, saying that she is scared of anal sex because she heard it was very painful. One weekend, on vacation, but of them were feeling very relaxed and she finally admitted that she was curious about getting fucked in the ass, and that if he wanted to they could try it. Obviously, he did not hesitate. He got her asshole ready by gently sliding his pinky inside her butt, then his index finger, and finally his big fat thumb. He then proceeded to lick her ass until she was nice and wet, then slowly thrusted his cock into her anus. She gave out a soft but sharp moan. After this experience, she was completely hooked. Nowadays she asks him for hard anal sex at least once a week! Vikki cannot get enough cock in her ass!

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